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Did you know that 78% of internet users watches at least 1 video online everyday? Great content can be a powerful tool for your brand and business to spread your message easily and it can be accessible to a large audience. Halloprod is a production agency based in Rolle, Switzerland with clients from all type of industries. We are here to help you tell your story by producing creative and dynamic contents, and take your business to the next level. Our main services are video production and professional photoshoots, so feel free to get in touch with us and let’s talk about your project.


  • Business Profile Videos

  • Commercial Videos

  • Video Interviews

  • Short Form Documentary

  • Architectural & Real Estate Videos

  • Tutorial / training videos

  • Testimonials

  • Travel Content 

  • Promotional Videos

  • Livestream


  • Architectural & Real Estate Photography

  • Lifestyle & Product Photography

  • Aerial Photography

  • Marketing & Social Media Content

  • Corporate photography

  • Travel content photos

  • Food photography

  • Events

  • 360 Photography

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